Ben Tiggelaar: Veranderen in één dag (change in one day)

Door live te schakelen bespaart u enorm op montagekosten
Photo: Videobrix

For our client DenkProducties Direct Images realised the “live on disk” recording of the very popular management seminar “Veranderen in één Dag“, presented by management Guru and author Ben Tiggelaar. This way of recording your live event is a very cost-effective one as it saves a lot of time and money in post production. It also allows the client to have the recordings available immediately after the event. Additionally one day after the event 9 short edits were delivered to the client. These short edits are shared with the seminars attendees during the coming days. A very powerful way to communicate your message.

Amsterdam City Swim

We were happy to be a part of the annual Amsterdam City Swim for the second time. Directing a live global webcast and live feed showing on big screens set up along the 2 km course through Amsterdam’s canals. A combination of wired, wireless, remote camera’s,  and graphics makes this a low-cost, high yield production. Equipment and people facilitated by Dutchview

swimmers at the start of the 2015 Amsterdam city swim

14 Friends, called the Hellespont Swimmers, crossed at 30 augustus 2011 the Hellespont to raise money for their friend in common Weert Jan Weerts (december 2013), who was diagnosed with ALS. Inspired by the many positive reactions, donations and especially by Weert Jan himself, the friends decided to do moresource Amsterdam City Swim

Festival season 2015

This year so far:  for the VPRO and NPO Cultura we were active at the Pinkpop festival,

directed video recordings at Best Kept Secret, Down the Rabbit Hole and Woo Hah:

Best Kept Secret Festival 2015
Best Kept Secret Festival 2015

check out the video’s at the Best Kept Secret video archive

Down The Rabbit Hole 2015
Down The Rabbit Hole 2015

check out the video’s at the Down the Rabbit Hole video archive

Woo Hah 2015
Woo Hah 2015

 check out the video’s at the Woo Hah video archive

a switch to Adobe CC

After years of happy editing on our Apple Final Cut Pro systems, we switched to Adobe CC. The 2014 release of Creative Cloud includes all-new versions of  Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, among many other programs, with hundreds of new features and performance improvements. allowing us to work more efficiently using the latest innovations and modern standards.